Colorado State University researchers are international leaders in developing tests and vaccines to identify and treat COVID-19. As part of this expertise, the university has partnered with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to set up a COVID-19 testing center in Fort Collins, and have actively consulted with state officials about testing strategies across Colorado.

As a result, we a uniquely positioned to understand the intricacies and effectiveness of testing our students, faculty and staff.

As the fall semester approaches we are considering the best strategic options for testing our community. This strategy will be part of a comprehensive platform for monitoring the health of our community, including tracing contacts of those who are ill or who have been exposed, and providing education about prevention and reducing the spread of illness. At this time our plan includes strategically testing wastewater to detect the virus, as well as testing groups of our university community in pools—combining the samples of multiple people into one test and then testing each of those individuals only if the combined test is positive. This maximizes testing capacity.

In addition, our CSU Health Network—the student health clinic—has the ability to order and perform COVID-19 tests for students.