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Training for faculty and staff

The Pandemic Preparedness Team has created a training for faculty and staff about proper disinfecting, public health requirements on campuses, and other important COVID-19 information.

To access the training, search in the learning library for “faculty and staff COVID-19 training” and register for the course to take the course now. Log in to the learning library using your CSU eID and password. Once you have completed the course it will appear in your completed courses section in the learning library. Click view certificate to download your certification of completion. To receive a certificate of completion you are required to complete the entire course.

COVID-19 case guidance for faculty and staff

This resource provides a detailed flowchart and description of the public health response to COVID-19 cases in the classroom, or if an instructor becomes ill or is identified as a close contact.

Please also see this resource for addressing exposure and illness and a faculty and staff guide to reports of exposure.

Fall preparations for instructors

Human Resources related questions

All students and instructors must:

  • Complete the daily symptom checker before arriving on campus, leaving a residence hall room or, if university technology is needed to complete the checker, before engaging in work or academic activities
  • Practice physical distancing, maintaining 6 feet from others
  • Stay home if you experience flu-like symptoms or believe you have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19
  • Wear a face covering: instructors may opt for a clear face shield in limited circumstances (see below). Face shields help instructors to better project their voices and aid students who are hearing impaired
  • In some laboratory settings, students may work in closer contact during certain activities while following enhanced public health measures to include adding face shields, gloves, and disinfection protocols
  • Follow directional signs when entering and exiting buildings, classrooms and other public spaces
  • Students should sit in assigned seats throughout the duration of the course. This allows the university to contact you if you have been exposed by someone else in the room who tests positive for COVID-19
  • Upon entering the room: Wipe with disinfectants down your individual desktop, work stations, seats and other surfaces. Disinfectant will be provided and instructors will provide a few minutes of class time for disinfecting. Place used cleaning supplies in trash receptacles
  • University Facilities Management will clean all spaces each day
  • Instructors should prioritize health if any concerns arise
  • Students, faculty and instructors must follow public health orders and university policy on COVID-19 public health precautions

Faculty and instructors must wear a mask or face covering while teaching.

  • Masks require 6 ft distancing.
  • Face shields do not exempt the use of a mask when teaching.
  • Face shields, without the use of a mask, should only be used in limited circumstances and per state guidance to maintain at least 12 ft distancing at all times
  • An exemption request form is available for employees who cannot wear a mask

Potential situations in which an instructor would opt for a face shield might include:

  • A medical or mental health condition preventing them from wearing a mask – this would require a medical exemption and accommodation through Office of Equal Opportunity.
  • Teaching in a large lecture space – we would recommend first trying to use the mask and a microphone, if available, and only using the face shield without a mask as a last resort when a minimum of 12 ft distancing can be maintained.
  • Teaching and accommodating hearing impaired individuals needing to lip read. The Pandemic Planning team is procuring clear face coverings that would be the preferred method and using the face shield as a last resort.
  • Desks or chairs in classrooms will be spaced six feet apart
  • Six ft distances are marked by tape on classroom floors
  • Large classrooms will have designated separate entrances and exits
  • Signs conveying expectations for public health measures and disinfecting in the classroom will be in teaching spaces
  • Disinfecting supplies for classroom desks, podiums, etc., will be placed in or near the classroom. Hand sanitizer and wipes will also be available across campuses
  • Instructors may access seating charts for classrooms through an online system