CSU’s Recovery Planning Process is moving through four stages:

Phase 1: Immediate (Prior to Spring Break 2020, including the identification and evaluation of the crisis and initial actions taken in response)
Phase 2: Short-term (From Spring Break through the conclusion of Spring Semester 2020)
Phase 3: Mid-term (From May 2020 to January 2021)
Phase 4: Long-term

CSU has emerged successfully from the first two phases: the Immediate Phase, during which the specific nature of the crisis was identified and actions taken to ensure the safety of CSU’s students and workforce; and the Short-term Phase, during which CSU took steps to complete Spring Semester in ways that both met student needs and fulfilled the university’s mission.

As we enter Phase 3, CSU is required to consider preparations to meet the needs of several scenarios and engage university leaders and experts in focused, action-oriented planning.