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Classes will begin on August 24; some units, offices, divisions, etc., will be returning before that date, with priority given to those with a student serving focus, performing critical research, and those needing to deliver face to face services.

Some individuals, units, offices, divisions, etc. will be still be working remotely and may need to work remotely through most of or even the entire semester.

Returning individuals to work on a campus must follow governmental public health guidance. CSU must comply with CDC, state and local public health orders, and Colorado Dept of Higher Education guidance. Public health orders require that we limit the number of people in physical spaces via a ratio of people per square footage to maintain appropriate social distancing. This means we cannot allow our entire employee and student population to return to work on a campus at once. This will continue to be a balance as students return. We are working through these requirements, which are issued by the county and state. These requirements will continue to change, so our response will continue to change as we adjust.

Any unit, laboratory, office, division that wants to return to work on campus must apply through the Pandemic Planning Team process. This is critical because that is how cleaning and disinfecting will be coordinated for spaces, water quality is verified, as well as how the university will ensure we are following public health orders. Decisions regarding the return date for individuals or units will be coordinated with the Pandemic Planning Team through that application.

Employee guide for returning to campus
Spanish version of return to work on a campus

Temporary work adjustment

Any faculty or staff member who needs to apply for a temporary work adjustment may do so through the Office of Equal Opportunity and Human Resources.

Phased return to work on university grounds

Colorado State University employees are being returned to work on a campus through a phased, measured, strategic process. Individual work groups, offices, units, laboratories, and divisions should apply to the Pandemic Planning Team for approval to return to work. Not all applications will be immediately approved.

This process ensures appropriate cleaning and disinfecting practices, physical distancing, and other public health measures are followed, and that water quality has been tested and addressed as employees return to buildings.

No one should return to work at a university campus without authorization.

At this time, the Pandemic Planning Team does not anticipate providing a given date when all units may return; instead, the process will continued to be phased and measured, regardless of if public health orders are lifted. The Pandemic Planning Team will closely coordinate this phased return to work to help reduce potential risks to the health of our university community and ensure that support services such as custodial staff to clean and disinfect surfaces are in place.

No laboratory, department, unit, division or college should increase their level of faculty and staff on university grounds without completing the application process and must adhere to strict phasing measures.

Those units that are approved to work on university grounds must adhere to reduced building capacity levels as outlined by the Pandemic Planning Team and public health orders. This may mean that faculty and staff must alternate days on university grounds, or work in shifts to ensure physical distancing.

Employees not currently working on a university campus

You will receive an automated message regarding your unit Kauli checklist approval, but this does not mean you are authorized to return to work. This is one step in the approval process but you should not return to campus at this step.

The Pandemic Planning Team may also take additional steps before you are authorized to return. Once those steps are completed, you will receive authorization from the Pandemic Planning Team via an email through your supervisor. This direct communication will then indicated that you have completed everything authorizing work to resume in person. Research project requests may require additional authorizations such as building access, travel, and regulatory compliance.

When you are on university grounds you must comply with all public health orders, including wearing a mask if you are near others or sharing a closed space.

Remote work

Those who can continue to work remotely should plan to continue to do so until they are notified by their supervisors that their application is approved by the Pandemic Planning Team, support services are in place, and return to university grounds date for their specific unit has been identified.

Frequently asked Human Resources questions

Daily symptom checker

All employees, including student workers, who are reporting to university grounds or who are working in the field (such as on a research project) are expected and required to screen for COVID-19 symptoms and report them each day.

Faculty and staff travel

All university travel must follow CDC guidelines and be approved by the employee’s Dean or Vice President.

Domestic and international travel, such as travel for research, may be approved through collaboration with the Dean or Vice President in accordance with guidance from the Pandemic Planning Team, depending upon the destination, reason for travel and funding.

All travelers must fill out and submit this travel authorization form before traveling to receive approval.

Statement from CSU International Programs regarding COVID-19 and Education Abroad programs

Advice for students, faculty, staff and guests who have recently traveled

If you are a student or employee and you have recently traveled to Colorado and Fort Collins from another state should self-monitor for 14 days.

Anyone who travels to Fort Collins from another country is required to self-isolate for 14 days before they visit before they may be on any  university grounds. This includes international guests.

These expectations apply to both personal and business travel.

If you are experiencing symptoms, call your health care provider.

Information for international students and scholars

Event planning

Please see the university’s COVID planning homepage for the latest information.