As Colorado State University plans for its post-pandemic future, it is essential that be done collaboratively, with input from across the university. While other institutions of higher education chose to issue their recovery plans very quickly, that haste suggests they had little time to consult with stakeholders about possible impacts and that the plans likely were the work of a relative handful of people. Because any such plan necessarily will include consideration of such far-reaching strategic steps as hiring freezes, furloughs, salary cuts, curricular changes and restructuring, it is important that those affected have an opportunity to engage in a process of shared engagement in how the university addresses those issues. For CSU to do otherwise here would be inconsistent with the culture and guiding principles of the university and the Colorado State University System.

CSU’s goal will be to lay out the best path forward via a process that is transparent, engaged and grounded in CSU’s land-grant commitment to access, success, equity, and excellence. The result will be a Recovery Plan that everyone can believe in and a stronger future.

President Joyce McConnell outlines COVID-19 Recovery Plan in a message to campus on April 29. Working groups were organized and began that process almost immediately.

This site describes the progress of CSU’s recovery planning process and will be updated regularly with new information as that unfolds. Members of the CSU community are invited to submit questions, ideas, concerns, or feedback about our planning process to