The CSU Pandemic Planning Team has canceled all in-person or face-to-face university events through fall semester. Virtual events are permitted.

Guests to the university are strongly discouraged. Guest speakers for classes, for example, should participate remotely.

The team is in the process of defining potential exceptions and a process for evaluating exception requests. That information will be shared here when it is available.

What’s the difference between an event and a meeting? All events are canceled, and all in person meetings are strongly discouraged. We have typically defined the difference as events are “special events” that commemorate, celebrate, raise awareness, etc. they are a ceremony, gala, party, special gathering.

A meeting conducts business or is educational, decisions are made, collaboration occurs, sales are made, is often a regular occurrence, etc. This would include “meetings” of a professional group (a group that requires a paid membership, such as a professional membership organization) as an event and not a meeting. For example, a group of researchers affiliated with a specialty discipline who meet annually or a few times a year would be an event and not a meeting.